Sunday, June 28, 2009

Some new bags

I have been working on some new bags. The first was a request from DD#1. I finally found a fabric I thought she would like. The pattern is McCalls 4118. I am terrible at adding bias tape over the seams, so I'm glad that is all on the inside! If I make another one of these I will make a few changes. There is a zipper in the back seam that seems unnecessary to me, so I will leave that out. I will also quilt the outer fabric and line it separately rather than quilting it all and having to fight with the bias binding.

Front pocket - I'm not happy with the drawstring cording I used and will have to find something different.
Here you can see the zipper in the back. It opens up into the main bag, it isn't a separate pocket. I just don't understand the point?

This bag is a fantastic pattern from artsy-crafty babe. She creates the most fabulous patterns! I will be making another of these for myself! The next one I will use a stiffer interfacing and possibly some batting to make it stiffer. This is what the pattern calls for but I was lazy and didn't do it.

Close up of the patchwork inset. The pattern can be done either with the patchwork or with a solid piece. Really, the possibilities are endless with this pattern.

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  1. The back pack is really cute! I've been thinking about making one. This inspires me.


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