Monday, June 22, 2009

Curious George

I finally finished the Curious George diaper bag. It turend out really cute - even though I'm not a fan of Curious George. Why do people insit that their diaper bags have to match the nursery? Or that they have to be made out of baby fabrics for that matter? They will most likely not be used in the nursery - and it's not the BABY who has to carry the thing around! *sigh* Maybe someday I'll get an order for a "cool" diaper bag.

Side pocket - once again I forgot to sew the velcro on before assembling the bag - once again had to hand sew it.
Side bottle pocket
Inside in all it's Curious George glory! I only broke 3 needles and only burned myself with the iron once - not too bad! :)
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  1. I had babies when all there was to carry were "baby themed" bags. And I agree with you. If I were having babies now ... I'd want something sharp and swanky.

  2. Amen on the bag not matching the nursery!

    I, too, had babies when they were matchy-matchy with the nursery theme. I was so envious when they started coming out with the trendy ones that actually looked like a cute tote a mom would want to carry instead of an oversized purse for a baby.

    But this does look like a handy bag, and the colors are super cute.

  3. It's a cute diaper bag - love the style. But, I am with you.....why the baby fabric? If (when) we ever have a baby I won't be carrying a diaper bag made of 'baby' or 'infant' themed material. Well done!

  4. Well, I can't offer an order for a "cool" diaper bag.. but I HAVE a cool diaper bag... my mom made me the Amy Butler Nappy Bag out of Amy Butler fabrics. It's pretty darn awesome, and looks like a giant carry-all bag. (Well, if it weren't for the diapers, kids toys, juice sippy cups, etc... popping out the top)...


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