Saturday, January 10, 2009

A whole weekend off

I managed to get the whole weekend off somehow. Woohoo! I'm planning on heading to Lowe's to find a better light fixture for my sewing room today. I bought one the other day and it just doesn't cut it. It's a 3 light halogen track light. Great for accent lighting, not so great for task lighting. *sigh* While I'm out, I think I'll stop in to the Salvation Army thrift store and see if there is any treasure waiting to be discovered there. I joke that my favorite fabric store is the Salvation Army. I love finding clothing to use in my bags and other crafty projects. When I get home I want to get started on the baby quilt I want to make, and I promised to make a zippered bag for a friend. I also bought 4 kinds of flannel to make some more PJ pants for DD and myself. Whew! Why am I still sitting here?!? I have a lot to do! Hopefully I will have pictures of my completed projects tp share by the end of the weekend.

Happy weekend!


  1. Hope you enjoyed your weekend. Did you find good lighting at Lowes? I am still looking for some good task lighting for my sewing room!
    I live in CNY, too!

  2. I find some of my best fabrics at thrift stores like Salvation Army.

    By the way, I'm HazelHoney on SB. Thanks for sharing your blog with me!


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