Saturday, January 3, 2009

First one!

Here it is! My first completed project of 2009. Actually, it's my first completed quilt EVER! My sister and I took a beginner quilting class and it has been sitting in my sewing room waiting to be finished. I'm pretty proud of it. I fell in love with the border fabric - I wish I had bought more! Here's a shot of it folded up so you can see the backing.

I mentioned my sewing room - would you like to see it? It's a mess...I don't know. Maybe I should clean it first...Oh, all right. Here it is...

This is the view from the door. The shelving unit and table were originally one piece that hung on the wall. My DH got it from a co-worker who had built it for his wife. The table was attached to the cabinet with a piano hinge and the leg is attached to the table with one too. The whole thing could close up into a 12" deep space. Pretty cool! When they built a bigger home she had a dedicated sewing room so she didn't need it anymore. Lucky me! I was using it as a wall unit in my old sewing room, but when my DD moved out I took over her bedroom and there isn't a wall I can use for hanging it so we took it apart!

I bought the mannequin and display rack from a store that was going out of buisness to use to display my bags at craft shows. Don't you just love my window shades? I wanted to do my room in red and teal and this fabric was perfect!! Did you notice my chandelier? I mentioned this used to be my DD's room. While it is very pretty, it's not very functional as sewing room lighting. There is only 1 60w bulb. That explains the work light clamped to the display rack. I also have a floor lamp, a table lamp and a desk lamp! Shopping for new lighting is high on my list of things to do!

This is my jewelry / beading area. The awesome sign hanging above my table was a gift I received in a swap a while back. Notice my pattern collection on the shelf above - I really need to find a way to organize them.

This is Ellie. I bought her on Ebay and I love her!! She's an older model, but she works great and had the needle up/down selector I wanted. My DH made me the extension table - isn't he great!?

All this talk about my sewing room has put me in the mood to sew. Maybe by the end of the weekend I will have an0ther finished project to show off. I'm working on the 2009 New Years Day Mystery Quilt from Here's the link if anyone is interested.

This quilt is a lot more difficult! I have never worked with such tiny pieces! I don't know how well it's going to turn out, but I'm determined to finish it! This is my progress so far.

I have a lot of work to do!!


  1. Thats really nice!! I cant believe I forgot to take a pic of mine, since I will prob never do another one!! Lol. I love the craft room, mines going to have to wait til spring since I can see my breath upstairs right now since its sooooo cold. Boo hoo.
    So, hows it going with the new years surprise quilt? I read the directions and gave up from there, I knew you'd do it Seester!!

  2. Weeelll...the New Year's quilt still looks exactly like that picture! :) I bought fabric to make a baby quilt for Ali today. I really want to start that - but I told myself I can't until I finish the New Year quilt!


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