Monday, April 5, 2010

Spring dollar store craft

I bought these white plastic frames at the Dollar Tree the other day.  They were too white and "plasticy" (is that a word?  I guess it is now!) for my taste so I sprayed them with black spray paint.  That ended very badly.  The paint bubbled up and looked horrible.  I tried to glue twine to one (the letter G - you can still see the remains of the glue and twine hair) which was equally disastrous.  I finally went and bought some of the Krylon Fusion spray paint made specifially for plastic.  I got one witha kind of a sandstone texture and a touch of sparkle.  It turned out well - but I will say that the paint was a bit of a pain to use.  The nozzle kept getting clogged and I had to keep taking it off.  I finally did get this all put together, and except for needing to get a new frame for the letter G, I like it!  I think I will change it out for every season - I never realized before that every season has 6 letters - that works out very nicely!  Without further ado, here is Spring:

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  1. I love this! Great idea for a narrow wall that I always have trouble decorating.

  2. That is so cute! I'm going to have to pay a LOT more attention at the dollar store. I'm amazed at what my fellow bloggers make from simple and inexpensive things!

  3. This is great!!! I love the colors!

  4. Cute. I like that you didn't mind changing all those frames. I think I could only do a
    F A L L one since there are only 4 letters!

  5. I love this! Way to keep going until you found something that worked:)

  6. Cute, my daughter has been wanting her intial in a frame. This looks like an easy project that won't cost a lot of money. Great job.


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