Tuesday, December 8, 2009

My favorite ornament

My Dad passed away in November, 2004. He was the best Dad anyone could ask for and I miss him every day. Besides being a great story teller, he was an accomplished pianist. I have great memories of him playing piano and of his quartet practicing at my house. Last year I found some treble clef ornaments at JoAnns and make one of these for myself, my sister and all 3 of our kids.

Sorry the picture isn't great. I somply found some picture frame charms in the jewelry section of the craft store and added a photo of Dad. I used a jump ring to attach it to the ornament.

I also finally got around to taking down the autumn decorations from the top of my cabinets. I replaced them with some snowy berry garland I had been using on my tree but didn't this year. A couple strands of white lights finishes it off. The enamel ware teapots and scales are always up there. :)

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