Sunday, August 9, 2009

What a mess!!

I began this day with the intention of getting my craft room straightened up and ready for the big move. No, we are not moving to a new house, but my craft room is moving to a different room. My DD and I are trading spaces. Her current room has fantastic natural light but is a little smaller. Her gradutation present is a room redo, because she is going to a local college and will be living at home. We decided that she would have the bigger room and I would get the room with the best light. It's a "win win" situation! Unfortunately, we are both SLOBS and it is taking a very long time to get our acts together.

This is mt daughter's room right now. Believe it or not - this is after a few day's worth of cleaning and doing mountains of laundry. She is a pack-rat extraordinaire. My favorite part of this room (besides the great light) is the patchwork wall. That was our creative solution to covering up a bad wall. I had the guy at Lowe's cut some beadboard paneling into 2' x 2' sqares. We painted them in the colors Taylor chose and put them up with a nailgun. The seams are covered with screen door molding painted black. I'm still deciding if I'm going to live with the pink and green or repaint it in colors more to my taste.

Here are a few shots of my craft room in its current state. The piles of fabric on the sewing table are actually in the beginning states of being organized. They are in piles of 1/4yd, 1/2yd, 1yd and up, fat quarters and charm squares. I purchased 2 book cases yet to be assembled that the fabric will eventually go on. I have a bin that is holding all of the scraps smaller than a fat quarter.

Stay tuned for the big reveals of the 2 new spaces!


  1. whoa! this is a big task!! i know moving my studio was crazy...i'm sure with two of you it's an even bigger task! good luck with it...can't wait to see the new room.

  2. Hi Stacy, just thought I would venture out and visit blogs. You sure got your hands full with those rooms! to bad I am not there to help I am the cleaning queen! Nice to hear your daughter is staying close to home for college, I would love that! have a wonderful week! good luck with the rooms!


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