Monday, May 18, 2009

Flowers and new projects...

Here are my finished hanging baskets! I love how the sweet potato vine trails and the bright pop of color it provides. I did three of them to hang along the front of my garage. They look pretty now - but will need to some in tonight - we have yet another frost advisory. Sheesh.

Here they are... all in a row. I really need to get the pressure washer out and get rid of all those spiderwebs. Yuck.
I spent some time this morning getting the old glass out of this window pane my DH brought home from the dump for me. I love dump gifts. :)

What do you supposed I have planned for this? Any guesses?

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  1. Your flowers are very pretty. Perfect for that area. Where do you get sweet potato vine? Is is sold at the nursery?

    And that window ... I can't wait to see what you have for it. I have two windows hanging in my dining room with a tree painted on the wall behind it. It is posted somewhere on my blog from the first of January I think. Let me know when you reveal your plan.


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