Thursday, April 16, 2009


I was at work yesterday when my DD called with a crisis. She was at the mall (45 minutes away) and had locked her keys in the car. *heavy sigh*
Being the wonderful mom that I am (and being incredibly bored at work) I told her I'd bring her the spare set of keys. Since I was now taking an unscheduled trip to Binghamton, I decided to do a little shopping. I went to the Christmas Tree Shop and picked up a few things, then decided to make the trek down to the Parkway to check out JoAnns. This is where it gets good! I was browsing the decorator fabrics because I have been wanting to redo the kitchen/dining room. Then I saw it! This gorgeous stripe in just the colors I had been thinking about. I looked for the price (expecting it to be around $30/yd) and was thrilled to see that it was a red tag fabric for $6/yd!! Wait - it gets better.

Here is a closeup of the fabric. It's a nice decorator weight - but not stiff like some. It feels like a heavy linen and I love the crinkly texture. Oh, anyways...back to the story. I said it gets better. Well, as it turns out, the red tag home dec fabrics are on sale for 50% off! I got 15 yards of this stuff for $3/yd! Plus, I work at JoAnns (a different store) so I also got my 15% employee discount. CHA-CHING!
Now I have to stop procrastinating and get painting - and sewing!

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  1. You DID score a big one. Great shopping. I do love Joann's. I never, ever pay full price for anything there.

    That fabric is really pretty. Those are some of my favorite colors.

  2. Today I stopped into "my" JoAnns and found the perfect coordinating fabric for valances - also 50% off!


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